About Us

The Story – A Trip to India

A trip to India by Gene brought things into a reality focus and stirred an urgency in his heart to begin Mission for Orphans as soon as possible.

Mumbai has the highest slum population in all of Asia. The city of Mumbai was filled with children of all ages begging for food, starving from malnutrition, children born and sleeping on the streets, many without parents.


Gene stayed in an orphanage and saw first hand how some of the children had been left on the doorsteps, heard about babies thrown out of car windows, about families not having enough to eat so they had to give away their children. Tears ran down Gene’s face as he watched a group of young children searching the local garbage dumps for any food scraps. He saw these precious children trying to survive on their own.


God planted HIS vision and compassion deep in our hearts to "be a voice for the orphans" many years ago. It was the "how to" and "when" questions that seemed to evade us. For over twenty-five years we partnered with our friends, the V.A.Thampy family in India, helping to raise finances for the poor, pastors, homeless, and training programs for widows and orphans.


Small Beginnings – Big Vision

On February 10, 2004, Mission For Orphans officially began. We began raising funds to help support several orphanages, with over 200 children being cared for in India. Mission for Orphans helps finance street-feeding programs in Mumbai and Kolkata, presently feeding and caring for over 1800 children per day. There are over 300,000 street children in Mumbai alone.


Who Do We Help and Why?

Mission for Orphans began as a means to provide funding to groups and ministries that are on the front lines around the world. These individuals are caring, feeding, housing, clothing, educating and loving the orphaned children. Many, many more orphanages are needed to bring in the thousands of children from the streets.

We are presently joined with individuals and organizations in India. The first priority is an urgent call to help the abandoned children left in the streets with no one to care for them, no one to hug them, no one to feed them. They are left there to die and they die daily.

Mission For Orphans is dedicated to care for children from all races, creeds and cultures. Every child deserves a future and a hope. We may not be able to save all the children around the world, but we can give a future and a hope to thousands, one child at a time, together.


How Can You Help the Orphans?

You may ask, "How can I help?" "What difference can I make?" You may be thinking, "There are so many organizations, surely there’s enough being done." "Do you really need me?" May we say wholeheartedly, "Yes, We Need You." "The orphaned babies and deserted children need you."

Your prayers, your loving concern and every dollar you give will make a huge difference. You can save the lives of these little ones. Would you give "one act of kindness" and change the destiny of these precious children? Give a gift to these orphans that will last a lifetime.