Accountability to donors is one of the highest priorities. Our goal is to distribute the funds wisely and monitor the organizations and orphanages we support. Mission for Orphans strives to keep all overheads low, following the National charity guidelines.


We are governed by a Board of Directors and under the covering of a local Florida church. Financial information is available upon written request.


Mission For Orphans, Inc. is a 501(c)3, dedicated to the long term care and development of orphans.

Funds Distribution

Financial aid is given only to known organizations, groups, and ministries that are presently established and taking care of orphans. Financial aid is not given directly to the children, which can lead to the misuse of funds.

Countries We Support

We presently work with individuals/groups in India and Israel. Our goal is to expand into other parts of the world.


We are committed to working with those who share our passion for helping to rescue orphans and street children. Our goal is to make sure that all funds are used effectively and with integrity.


Our mission is to target and work with organizations that focus on the needs of the children. Everything will be based on the loving care, needs and long term development of the orphans.


We are committed to work along side organizations within their country of origin. They understand and respect the culture and the background of the children. The workers can speak the local language and know how to respond to the poverty and customs of the orphan children.


Funds will be available to organizations that house, feed, love, educate, give hope and encouragement to orphans.