Hear The Cries of The Children

Over 300,000 street children live in Mumbai, India.

Over 20,000 children are sold into human trafficking every year.

God has a passionate love for orphans.


Proverbs 31:8 (NIV) says, “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.” While on a business trip to India several years ago, the Holy Spirit unexpectedly spoke these words to me: “One purpose, one passion, one mission, rescue the children.”

Later, I caught a glimpse of the Spirit’s meaning through the eyes of a starving teenager living on the streets of Kochin, India. I watched as several young children searched through a trash dump for food. When looking into the eyes of two little boys, I saw pain and hopelessness.

I learned about a baby girl abandoned on a doorstep by her mother, who didn’t have money to keep her child. The newspaper carried a story about a father, mother and their ve children who committed suicide because of failed crops. There would be no food to live on that year. Over 300,000 street children live in Mumbai, India alone. Many of them, especially girls, are sold into human trafficking–over 20,000 from several states in northeast India every year.

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.” — Proverbs 31:8 (NIV) My wife and I knew, with God’s help, we could step out, even if we rescued just one child at a time.

These scenarios and more launched a vision and mission to rescue the children.


P1050585Back home again, I wrestled with sleepless nights and fought tears for two weeks. My wife, Arlene, and I agreed that we must do something to help these precious abandoned, neglected street children. How did we keep the vision alive? We held it in our hearts. We wrote it down.  We prayed. We asked God for wisdom and His leading. We talked about the vision and shared with others. I made other trips to India to keep the vision alive in my heart. My wife and I knew, with God’s help, we could step out, even if we rescued just one child at a time.


We knew that a worthy purpose adds value and meaning not only to our lives but the lives of others. A worthy purpose moves mountains!


During another very hot day in India, I walked through the demoralizing slums of Kolkata, where Mother Teresa ministered to the poorest of the poor. My heart ached for the children and families living under tarps. Small sticks held up tin roofs. Rusty tin pots were used  to boil water or cook rice on an open re. Even in the midst of all the misery, my spirit was always lifted up when I saw the smiles and looked into the big, beautiful eyes of the smallest children. They won my heart!


Once again, I saw the vision clearly and understood why the Lord sent me to India. My assignment was to bring a light of hope, to encourage the pastors and workers. It was to raise funds to help feed hundreds of orphans and hungry street kids. It was to show them the love of Jesus, to be His hands and feet. I saw how simple acts of kindness changed lives when we shared stories with many of the children.


Subsequently, I was privileged to work in the slums of Mumbai with the Vision Rescue team. I took pictures, talked to the children, and watched them as they came with cuts on their bare feet, some walking long distances with their little bowls to get rice and receive an hour of education on an old school bus. Back in my room that night I kept seeing one lonely, abused little girl who had deeply touched my heart. I couldn’t sleep. Her face and especially her eyes, which told her sad story, were constantly in my mind. Tears owed again! God showed Himself to me that day! He filled my heart with an intense desire to help these children.


I flew back home, praying for a way to communicate what I saw with my family, friends and associates. That’s when the idea to produce a documentary, “My Name is Orphan” was born. (Available to view on www.imdb.com, the internet movie database.) This creative idea was planted by the Spirit of God to help us spread the message about the plight of the orphans and street kids.


Several years ago, Shibu and Bini Zachariah shared their vision to build an orphanage for 200 girls in South India. We thought about the cost and wondered how we could possibly help with such a huge project since our non-pro t, Mission for Orphans, was a small, home based ministry. The cost would be over $240,000, which included the land. We didn’t have it. We asked God to make a way so we could build the Girls’ Home debt-free.


That was five years ago. The land has been purchased and paid in full! The first floor is completed with bedrooms, bathrooms, indoor/outdoor kitchens and a beautiful courtyard, all paid in full. The second floor with a library, study and more bedrooms are in process. We dedicated the Girls’ Home last September, which is now home to 30 beautiful orphan girls. A God-given dream has become reality. Two-thirds of our fund raising goal was reached debt free! We are grateful to the amazing, dedicated, and generous people who caught the vision to help us impact, rescue and plant seeds of hope into the lives of these girls.


God has a passionate love for orphans. deuteronomy 10:18 says, “He administers justice for the fatherless and the widow, and loves the stranger, giving him food and clothing.” Mission for Orphans started ten years ago when we opened a bank account with only fifty dollars to help feed, clothe, educate and rescue impoverished children. Since then, many others have joined us. The mission remains the same. We give God the glory for all He has done!


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